FANselect – selection program for fans

FANselect, the selection software for fans from ZIEHL-ABEGG, allows you to quickly and conveniently identify the right axial or centrifugal fan for your requirements. Each product in FANselect is based on performance data from the ZIEHL-ABEGG InVent Technology Centre, known to be the most accurate measurement data in the ventilation system sector. The most accurate measurement data combined with a specially developed calculation algorithm allows for precise fan selection.

After entering your requirements, a few mouse clicks take you to a selection of products that are ideally suited to use in your application. There is also the option of comparing products on the basis of technical performance and cost.

Moreover, FANselect is the only selection software for fans in the world that has been certified by TüV. The TüV certificate for FANselect extends to most of the product portfolio available in FANselect. Furthermore, in FANselect it is not just the impeller data that is TüV-certified, as with some other companies in the market, but the entire device.

You can find the following fans in FANselect:

Axial fans in FANselect:

  • MAXventowlet
  • FE2owlet
  • FE2owlet with ZAplus
  • FE2owlet-ECblue
  • FE2owlet-ECblue with ZAplus
  • FE2owlet-ECQ
  • FFowlet

Centrifugal fans in FANselect:

  • ZAvblue
  • Vpro
  • Vpro-ECblue
  • Cpro
  • Cpro-ECblue
  • Cpro PMblue
  • C
  • C-ECblue
  • C-ATEX



  • FANselect user's manual (6 MB)
  • Terms of use FANselect (1 MB)

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